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Oradel Industrial Center Can Help Streamline Your Company’s Business Requirements

Posted on December 16th, 2016 Author: Marketing


As an industry-leading logistics center in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Oradel Industrial Center can help optimize your business by providing you with all of the essential warehousing services required to meet the needs of a competitive marketplace. (more…)

Logistics companies see as their headquarters Nuevo Laredo

Posted on March 28th, 2014 Author: admin

Logistics in Mexico has become a growing and extremely necessary, targeted business. (more…)

Oradel offers certainty to your business

Posted on March 21st, 2014 Author: admin

In contrast to an isolated field, the industrial park offers a comprehensive service under the concept of plug & play since the real estate land and industrial buildings (more…)

Nuevo Laredo is a target for the automotive industry

Posted on February 28th, 2014 Author: Marketing

Mexico is fourth place in exports of vehicles. (more…)

Belong to the pole industry development in northern Mexico

Posted on February 14th, 2014 Author: Marketing

The maquiladora industry in Nuevo Laredo is a major center of industrial and labor development in northeastern Mexico and southern Texas Valley. (more…)

Why choose Nuevo Laredo to export your goods?

Posted on October 17th, 2013 Author: Marketing

Considered the largest dry port in Mexico, and as the capital of customs in Latin America, Nuevo Laredo boasts an excellent location, infrastructure, international trade bridges and the large amount of goods and freight sent and received by their crosses daily. (more…)

Nuevo Laredo your logistics platform to invest

Posted on October 11th, 2013 Author: Marketing

The proximity to the United States awarded Nuevo Laredo an outstanding advantage to place the goods produced in the global market. (more…)

Industrial Park in Nuevo Laredo boosts your business

Posted on September 30th, 2013 Author: Marketing

Nuevo Laredo is the continental leader in the crossing of import and export freight, in receipt of contributions to foreign trade.

Oradel industrial Center strategically situated just eight miles from the U.S. border in Nuevo Laredo offers you: (more…)

Mexicoready markets for automotive investments

Posted on August 29th, 2013 Author: Marketing

The automotive sector is one of the strongest in the Mexican economy; it has an important production base with growth potential in the coming years.Mexicois in a transformation process to expand its participation in other markets. (more…)

Winds of change are blowing in Nuevo Laredo

Posted on July 26th, 2013 Author: Marketing

In Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas meets the winds of change. The president Peña, has announced the Infrastructure Investment Program of Transport and Communications is the Mexico undertake ambitious plan to modernize the country roads, and will generate a cost of four billion pesos in various public works, (more…)