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Oradel Industrial Center Helps You Remain Competitive with U.S. Companies

Posted on August 26th, 2016 Author: Marketing

We Guarantee Quality and Manufacturing Excellence for Your Business


Oradel Industrial Center is designed to meet your organization’s growing needs with our competitive infrastructure, including high-end warehousing, freight and logistics services. With the opportunity to move your goods in a cost-effective manner through our cutting-edge industrial rail center, and more than 520 transport resources available at your disposal, you can anticipate successful cross-border trading operations. (more…)

Industrial Buildings for Lease in Mexico – Business Operations Conducted in a World-Class Business Environment

Posted on August 19th, 2016 Author: Marketing

Oradel Offers Favorable Operating Conditions for Any Business


Oradel Industrial Center offers a great advantage for businesses looking to relocate or expand operations near the US-Mexico border. Investing in a full service warehousing facility and infrastructure for all of your transportation and logistics needs means you save time, money and resources, while focusing on growing your business. (more…)

Best Industrial Rail Center in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for Rapid Business Growth

Posted on August 12th, 2016 Author: Marketing

Oradel – Unmatched Advantage of Price, Time and Infrastructure

Oradel’s world-class industrial rail center in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico is ideal for businesses in need of an efficient and cost-effective delivery method for their goods. As one of the leading logistics centers in Mexico, you can expect high productivity and reliable transport systems for your growing business. Located by all major highways and with access to over 500 land, sea and air transportation companies, more and more business owners trust Oradel for the promotion and expansion of trade and business. (more…)

Oradel Industrial Center – Full Service Logistics and Freight Management Services for Global Enterprises

Posted on August 5th, 2016 Author: Marketing

Customized Industrial Warehousing Solutions to Improve Service Levels

Choosing to lease an industrial unit at the Oradel Industrial Center is a worthy investment, particularly for businesses looking to conserve capital and eliminate multiple management responsibilities, while benefiting from the flexibility for growth. (more…)