Remanufacturing a new way to make business

Posted on December 27th, 2013 Author: Marketing

New business opportunities, high return on investment, job creation, technology development, “green” industry, low prices and sustainable manufacturing. Yes, that and more are remanufacturing.
The aim of remanufacturing is to reduce pollution and stimulate economic development at the same time, allows opening new business niches.
This scheme is implemented in businesses near the northern border with its industrial warehousing and is proven to be more than just another way to encourage the productive plant, generating new employments and the economy grow.
The main feature of this process is that it uses as inputs the parts or recovered from waste or waste goods that have lost their life and whose parts are in good condition components. We are talking about physical and visual analogues, but with new and useful life.

An industrial refurbishment process begins with the collection of used goods and serves staggered five basic aspects:

  • disassembled all parts or individual components;
  • washing and cleaning recovered supplies;
  • Identification and inspection of elements;
  • restoration or recovery of materials and their subsequent storage;
  • manufactures and / or assembled.


Reuse and remanufacturing is considered worldwide as the most optimal way to recycle, no caller even recycling second generation. This is because of its effect on both the business side as environmental. Remanufacturing not only brings economic benefits, but also environmental. Remember that this is a productive activity that promotes the culture of resource efficiency and recycling in order to maintain a viable environment and there is clear information to prove it.


Industrial warehouse in Nuevo Laredo is an attractive target for these processes. Even as you are drawing on the experience of the maquiladoras to start remanufacturing processes in the country. Some of them what they are doing is to open spaces to this scheme for recovery of property within the plant itself



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