Amendments to the Customs Law in Mexico

Posted on November 22nd, 2013 Author: admin

The House of Representatives in Mexico approved an amendment to the Customs Law. This reform modernize the legal framework establishing the use of technological means to promote exports and imports and boost trade opening outwards. The Customs Law:

  • Establishes the federal administration, the states and municipalities coordination, as well as customs and tax authorities in other countries, according to current international treaties to exchange information through the centers or electronic systems.
  • Allows customs dispatch instead than as authorized, regardless of the nature or volume of the goods, and allows to private individuals direct promotion clearance of their goods without the compulsory intervention of customs agents.
  • Legislation removes the figure of customs officer and customs broker replacement and implement the mechanism of electronic and digital label to validate the corresponding procedures.
  • Sets the procedure and assumptions for electronic notifications and benefits those taxpayers who pay tax credits due, with 50 percent reduction of the fine imposed, provided that payment is made pre notification of the decision making is imposed the sanction.


This reform benefits Nuevo Laredo and its trading partners, through the regulation of e-customs system, it will make payments of taxes and countervailing duties respective to reduce costs borne by businesses and optimize the interaction of individuals with governmental activities.


Thus Nuevo Laredo and their customs will be more dynamic by streamlining customs processes and procedures supporting companies that want to export their goods. The Customs Law will drive logistics center in Nuevo Laredo and industrial parks to the next level with customs best practices on the continent.


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