Nuevo Laredo becomes the customs capital of Latin America

Posted on May 24th, 2013 Author: Marketing

According to the forecasts of the market, the world trade will grow in the next years 400 %, and will imply the movement of a great quantity of load across different means of transport. The routes of world trade determine the development of cities as A New Laredo, who is in the NAFTA corridor, stimulating his logistic aptitude to confront the increasing trade generating better conditions for the world trade generating trades added like it is the controlled enclosures and better customs.
The tariff restrictions have stopped being an impediment for the foreign trade, for it is necessary to take advantage of the routes of the international trade.
The industrial parks in Nuevo Laredo have the potential for the installation of plants for the manufacture, taking advantage of the arrival of international goods.


Our logistics center in Nuevo Laredo provides convenient infrastructure, equipment and services, provides suitable conditions in order that the industry operates efficiently and creativity and productivity are stimulated.


On the agenda for modernize and make more competitive Nuevo Laredo throws the Customs Bonded Warehouse construction, near Bridge III.


Thus New Laredo every day becomes the Customs capital of Latin America and relies on the development of duty-free zones, infrastructure for freight transport of goods to the interior of the country, not only in internal ports and airports, in addition it relies on industrial parks and the policies to improve the entry and exit of international goods to the country.


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