Establish Your Manufacturing Plant at a Prime Logistics Center in Nuevo Laredo

Posted on January 6th, 2017 Author: Marketing

Novamex in Oradel Mexico

Increased capacity, strategic location, the utilization of advanced technologies, and the quest for bottom-line efficiencies – these are some of the main goals of leading food and beverage companies around the globe, including Novamex. Novamex markets a variety of Mexican food and beverage brands, all recognized by Mexican-American consumers in the US.

Keeping store shelves from coast to coast filled with products of consistent quality depends on how well the company is able to produce and distribute their goods. Investing in a state-of-the-art logistics center in Nuevo Laredo can be the defining factor of continued success and the bottom line of a company. That is why Novamex trusts Oradel Industrial Centre for all of their manufacturing and distribution needs. Unlike other industrial parks, Oradel offers the very best in park infrastructure, amenities and services.

Here are some reasons why Novamex has chosen us for the installation of their manufacturing project:

      • With our industrial units, the movement of goods is easy and components can be stored out of the way and kept in ready-condition.
      • We have available separate cleaning rooms and storage areas, as well as larger processing floors with space for standby equipment.
      • We are able to effectively accommodate a number of security needs, including systems that can control access, lighting, air conditioning, automatic fire detection, and more.
      • Our facilities are conveniently designed so services can be easily relocated to allow changes in configurations of production lines.
      • We have the right systems in place to help proactively manage product safety and quality in operations and supply chain.

Novamex in Oradel Industrial Center

  • We offer automated packaging, case packing and palletizing for operational efficiencies.
  • We allow our customers to build warehouses and offices to the size of their needs.
  • And so much more!

Contact Oradel Industrial Center to learn more about the many benefits of securing a logistics center in Nuevo Laredo for your warehousing, logistics and distribution needs. 

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