Industrial Property for Lease for Systematic and Efficient Manufacturing Processes

Posted on December 30th, 2016 Author: Marketing

Global Safety Textiles in Oradel Industrial Center
Global Safety Textiles, an expert in the development and manufacturing of technical textiles for airbags and airbag fabrics, utilizes Oradel’s unique facilities with robust industrial features to remain competitive in the industry. Our highly efficient, computerized operation allows the company to provide custom engineered, textile solutions for remarkably superior products.

Establishing a business in a world-class industrial park can provide a significant return on investment within a short period of time. Global Safety Textiles, among other businesses who have settled at the Oradel Industrial Center, are able to benefit from improved productivity while keeping production costs at a minimum. Here’s how:

  • They gain unhindered access to two continents for convenient and seamless transportation of their goods.
  • They are equipped with excellent storage, transportation, logistics and support facilities, with the option to fully customize the space to accommodate their business needs.
  • Through affordable and flexible lease options and sophisticated equipment for material handling, Oradel makes their business as profitable as possible.
  • They are provided with an uninterrupted supply of electricity and water, and hygienic treatment of sewage.
  • We meet and exceed all health and safety standards and requirements.
  • They never have to worry about uninterrupted production with access to a self-serving 60 MVA substation and a fiber/cable network for voice data transmission for reliable, fast T1/T3 services.

Global Safety Textiles_manufacturing

Global Safety Textiles’ end-to-end manufacturing capability enables quick and reliable turnaround times, regardless of how complex the job may be. This is because Oradel’s industrial property for lease is designed to ensure that all businesses have adequate space and resources to perform industrial activities without being affected by the conditions of their environment.

Contact Oradel Industrial Center to learn more about our industrial properties for lease, which are effectively designed for the industrial sector. Call us today to see what properties are available for your manufacturing operations.



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