The Benefits of Leasing an Industrial Warehouse in Nuevo Laredo

Posted on December 2nd, 2016 Author: Marketing

A systemized storage system is essential for business organization and success. A fully-equipped industrial warehouse in Nuevo Laredo can provide you with the inventory space you need to expand your new line of business and store your products. At the same time, you can take full advantage of all the necessary safety measures to protect your assets from the elements, pests and theft.

If you are undecided on whether or not Oradel’s industrial warehouse space is right for your business, here are five benefits to consider:

  • You gain access to a sophisticated warehouse management system, an automated order fulfillment process, digital trunk lines for ease of movement and communication, a customizable racking system, and much more.

  • Our strategically-located facility is situated in the most important Mexican port for exports and imports.

  • Our highly trained personnel are readily available to provide a wide range of logistics services on an as-needed basis to accommodate your business requirements and lower expenses.

  • You have the opportunity to enter new markets or expand globally by outsourcing warehousing, distribution and other logistical services. This can help you lower your facility costs and invest more into market reach.

  • You gain immediate access to our enormous network of transportation systems, including land, rail, air, sea, or local delivery.

  • Relocating your warehouse functions to an industrial building can help you free up square footage in your main headquarters. This allows you to expand without having to invest in a new building with added expenses, such as property taxes, insurance, equipment, and other resources.

  • You pay only for the space and services you use, which means you have the flexibility to scale up or scale down as needed.

  • Employee housing is in close proximity, so your employees can reside within easy reach of their new place of employment.

Contact Oradel Industrial Center today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members who can answer your questions about leasing an industrial warehouse in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.


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