Benefits of Establishing Your New Mexican Manufacturing Logistics Center in Nuevo Laredo

Posted on November 11th, 2016 Author: Marketing

Maybe you are looking for a great space to store your products and assets. Maybe you are interested in relocating your business operations to a trans-border facility and boost trade opportunities.

Whatever the case may be, Oradel’s logistics center in Nuevo Laredo offers multiple advantages that make good business sense. These include:

  • A constant supply of skilled, bilingual technical work force available to help you set up your industrial warehouse
  • Our proximity to downtown Laredo in Texas and major international airports and seaports
  • 60 truck companies and 520 transportation companies that offer 24/7 transportation solutions
  • Easy access to three international bridges and arterial highways/rail tracks that connect the U.S. with Mexico and Latin American countries
  • A fully-operational, multimodal and well-equipped industrial rail center spanning over 620 acres, with easy unloading and loading of containerized freight
  • Huge warehousing space to help you save on storage costs
  • Competitively-priced built-to-suit facilities to ensure your company receives the transportation services it needs to succeed
  • Rental units with affordable lease terms for any type of industrial business


  • Digitalized trunk lines, innovative technology and equipment, the highest safety standards and clean health facilities

  • Mexican Customs facilities that are within easy reach

A first-class logistics center in Nuevo Laredo is a great solution for business owners looking to start or expand their business in this region. Through affordable and efficient warehousing, storage and transportation services, you can overcome all of the challenges involved in setting up an industrial warehouse. Oradel is the place to be if you want to improve the cross border operations of your business and remain competitive with U.S. companies.

Contact Oradel Industrial Center to find out how you can optimize your productivity, minimize expenses and ultimately improve your bottom line by investing in a logistics center in Nuevo Laredo.


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