Starting Your Industrial Operations in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico? Your Business Could Benefit from Renting Mexico Warehousing

Posted on May 13th, 2016 Author: admin

Whether your business is looking to cut on transportation costs, minimize inventory or just get products to the market faster, moving operations to Mexico could be the most efficient way to do so.As manufacturing businesses continue to grow and stay competitive, more companies are opting for a Mexico warehouse lease instead of within the United States.

Just some benefits of renting a warehouse in the Nuevo Laredo, Mexico area are:


  • Sophisticated Technology and Infrastructure – The Nuevo Laredo, Mexico area includes modern industrial parks, strong utility infrastructures and a rail and roadway infrastructure to support your transportation needs.
  • Inexpensive Leases – Compared to the United States, a warehouse in Mexico offers significant savings. The government is practically reducing all land costs in order to attract more manufacturing businesses to the area.
  • Duty-Free Imports, Tax Credits and Incentives – You can enjoy free trade zones, which enables you to import materials and equipment without the hassle of taxes or duties. Also, you can then re-export finished products without the same costs.
  • Proximity to the United States and Canada – Most importantly, your new location in Nuevo Laredo provides you with a shorter, less complex supply chain to Canada and the United States.


Mexico is attracting all types of manufacturing and distributing companies.

From automotive manufacturers to product distributors and even commercial vehicle manufacturing, Nuevo Laredo is the ideal place to start or expand your business.


Mexico warehousing is going fast. If you want to explore your options for moving operations to Nuevo Laredo, get in touch with the team at Oradel Industrial Center.


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