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Posted on January 5th, 2016 Author: Marketing

Industrial parks in northern Mexico are ideal location for manufacturers and assemblers, Oradel knows and offers rental of industrial warehouses in the customs unbeatable city of Nuevo Laredo. Moreover, the trend increasingly to guide more foreign investors to put their eyes on Mexico that brings together various industrial and economic attractions for those interested.

Mexico is a special key for all kinds of commercial activities due to the NAFTA it has with the USA and Canada enclave. The trade has allowed wellness since the three countries signed them. The data show that since the trade balance between the two countries has increased in both exports and imports. Mexico is not only a member of the giants of the North, share links and economic activities with the European Union and Asian countries.


 What should consider when choosing Mexico warehousing?

If you need one or more industrial properties for lease in Mexico, select Oradel found in Tamaulipas, a privileged status for trade. Rely on:

• Maintenance services

• Easy access to strategic zone and location

• load and unload areas, which have the best conditions to carrying out their activities

• Quality Finishing

• Quality of additional services or extra profit.

Buy or rent Industrial warehouse in Nuevo Laredo for commercial and industrial use, it will help reducing operating costs, will have the ideal space for employees to move easily get incentives, greater connectivity and ease to operate continuously day. As a bonus, Nuevo Laredo offers a wide range of extra services related to industrial warehouses, to facilitate more dynamic processes and delivery performance during the period has been agreed.

Ensure access of their products to different markets in a simple manner and without borders or bureaucratic complications. Increase marketing their products while promoting the founding of new companies.

Contact Oradel Industrial Center to learn more about the next global manufacturing super power—Mexico! Offering you suitable industrial property for lease in Northern Mexico, we guarantee quality and manufacturing excellence for your business.

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