7 safety tips in industrial warehouses

Posted on December 24th, 2015 Author: Marketing

Oradel Mexico warehousing is a secure place; unfortunately the accident rate in industrial warehouse exceeds the average for all industries combined to world level. We give you the tips that cover seven critical areas to improve their safety stock.

  1. Only trained operator hires. Operators must be trained and certified. The operators should know their teams and how sure they are in good condition. Place visual warnings to avoid accidents. Having an employee assigned to guide operators when it is loading trucks or off a pier.
  2. Make sure the aisles are wide enough. When machinery is used, the corridors must be wide enough for safe operations. Consider installing mirrors to enhance the view around corners or other areas where visibility can be reduced.
  3.  3.-Good lighting. Your industrial warehouse should not be a dark cave. If workers cannot see what they are doing, accidents will happen. Equipment operators need adequate lighting to avoid bumping into obstacles. Remember that the areas between rows of shelves need ceiling light. These sections are often too dark for clear visibility.
  4.     4.-Have a Plan Risk. A spill of water can turn your floor in a risk area. A program should be in place to make wet soil and clean up spills quickly. Chemical spills create contact, breathing and fire hazards. All employees must understand the procedures to deal with chemical spills and appropriate containment measures. Storing chemicals properly is critical and fireproof cabinets are often needed for safety.
  5. Do not overload shelves. Do not exceed the weight limits. Items piled incorrectly shelf may fall, causing accidents. Heavier loads must always be placed on the lower shelves.
  6. Safety equipment. Workers must know how to use personal protective equipment and access it when needed. If safety glasses and work gloves are required, employees must actually use them. Having locked protective equipment is not a solution. First aid stations must be monitored, properly marked and easily accessible.
  7. Use the correct techniques to work to develop. Employees require training in proper lifting techniques to avoid what could become a serious back injury. If you work in a station requires standing, consider installing a padded rubber mat. Ergonomics should also be considered for workers settled in the computer stations. Improper placement of a monitor can lead to neck strain.

The steps you take to keep your warehouse insurance are not difficult. The hard part is often following through and ensures that all employees follow the rules set in place. Highlight the importance of a safe working environment and the job will results better.

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