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Posted on January 22nd, 2015 Author: Marketing

Supply chains are a series of organizations that interacts each other in order to bring the products, goods or services to the end consumer. Organizations have realized that they need to include not only their suppliers and customers, but also brokers and logistics companies to identify and improve critical processes, so that you can win in all areas. Oradel a Logistics Center in Northern Mexico, knows and meets customer requirements at a lower cost, higher quality and speed, as well as providing a privileged location in the city of Nuevo Laredo.

Logistics Center in Northern Mexico and industrial parks help you manage the different flows since its inception, including not only primary suppliers, also suppliers of suppliers, to your destination or final consumption. Today, logistics does not end anything to consumption, as there also flows ranging from back-from market to organizations-as in the case of recycling, or recall, as they usually do automotive companies.

Oradel Industrial Center l knows the importance of effectively managing supply chains and is vital for organizations and countries, affecting the basic criteria of competitiveness, which are cost, quality and time of delivery of the product required by the client. The integration of the supply chain enables compliance not only with these three basic criteria but with others as innovation, security, flexibility, accuracy, accessibility, visibility and reliability, these being key factors in international competitiveness.

In addition to the strategic location of Nuevo Laredo, Oradel Industrial Center has been prepared in customs administration, human capital and technology, in order to establish a competitive culture that allows all members focus on providing value to customers and exceed their expectations.

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